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I have the whole range of hardware and software necessary for ECU flashing, recovery and cloning for the following systems

  • Trionic 5.2
  • Trionic 5.5
  • Trionic 7
  • Trionic 8
  • ME9.2
  • BDM recovery on Volvo CEM ECU

I do NOT offer tuning, you can supply a custom bin to flash to the ECU but I cannot be held responsible for any engine failure or damage to your vehicle as a result of this


  • ECU gloves for T5/7/8/ME9.2
  • Live map cables for NG900/OG9-3
  • Tech2 with V44 and V148 memory cards with working GlobalTIS
  • Lawicel CANUSB + OBD Cable
  • CombiAdapter V2 + BDM Cable
  • Just4Trionic + OBD & BDM Cable
  • OBDLink SX


Saab Turbo Club of Sweden (STCS) and TrionicTuning Bronze (TT) members only pay shipping costs if mailing me the ECU(s)

Non STCS/TT Bronze members pays €30 ( the cost of a STCS membership ) per ECU + shipping

€10 for BDM pin header soldering T5/T7

Tech2 help, mail me to arrange what you need

I am located in Mälardalen, Sweden between Stockholm and Västerås
I can do outcall within reasonable distance for a symbolic fee (ass, gas or grass)

You can reach me at saab {a} or roffe84 on STCS & TT