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Open Source

My github page

txlogger – Data logging for SAAB Trionic 7 & 8

gocan – Golang CAN library with adapter drivers

Qmail Autoresponder 2.0.6 – fixed pesky message-id bugg that has been present since 1998

k8s-sslmate – Deprecated – A software written in GO running inside a Kubernetes cluster to sync your SSLmate certificates as secrets for usage with f.x nginx-ingerss controller. It uses the native Kubernetes api client to talk to the cluster.

kube-router – I’m a contributor – Kube-router is a turnkey solution for Kubernetes networking with aim to provide operational simplicity and high performance.

kube-gelfFluentd CoreOS Kubernetes container logs & journald log collector with Graylog output. Configurable through ConfigMap and with provided cron example to mitigate some fluentd bugs as well as providing option for config reloads

conntrackd – Prometheus exporter that gathers conntrack -S statistics and exposes as prometheus endpoint, Used for debugging purpose. Originated from “A reason for unexplained connection timeouts on Kubernetes/Docker” and “Racy conntrack and DNS lookup timeouts”

KIAM – Made the metrics dashboard